Deciding to have counselling can be daunting however is a positive, courageous, step to take.  Counselling is an opportunity for you to get in touch with underlying emotions and make sense of them, developing new ways of looking at yourself and the world.  Perhaps you want help coming to terms with loss, have reached crisis point and need support, or want to develop new, better, ways of coping.

You don’t need to be in crisis to seek counselling.  Therapy can be part of a wellness plan that could improve the quality of your life and help you to develop resilience.

Together we can explore what you want out of life and empower you to find your own way forward.

How can counselling help?

  • Clarify your thoughts and feelings and make sense of them
  • Break unhelpful patterns of negative thinking and behaviour
  • Develop new, or better, ways of coping
  • Open up new ways of seeing, living and relating
  • Discover your inner strengths and resources
  • Improve self esteem and confidence
  • Develop the tools and skills to cope with future challenges.

“We can reach our potential, but to do so, we must reach within ourselves.  We must summon the strength, the will, and the faith to move forward – to be bold – to invest in our future.”  John Hoeven