Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the initial appointment?

Our initial meeting usually starts off with filling in the necessary forms with your personal details like your name, address and GP.  We will explore what you hope to achieve from counselling.  It is important you feel comfortable with your counsellor so this gives us chance to meet to see if you feel able to work with me.  It is also a chance for me to check I am the right person to meet your needs.  You can then decide whether you wish to start counselling.


How many sessions will I need?

This depends on many things but as a guideline we will usually arrange 6 sessions either weekly or fortnightly.  Reviews, which will be carried out regularly, give us chance to consider progress and check you are getting what you need from counselling.  This gives you the opportunity to give feedback and provides you with control over the therapeutic process and outcome.  It is entirely your decision how many sessions to have.  You can decide to end counselling at any time, however a closing session with your counsellor is recommended.


What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Please be aware that when committing to undergo counselling you are reserving a room and the counsellor’s time exclusively for your use.  I am rarely able to fill a cancelled appointment at short notice.  If you do need to cancel you can do so without charge by giving me at least 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation.  Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged in full.


What will it cost?

Counselling sessions are £35 for a weekday appointment and £40 for a weekend appointment.  You can either pay by cash or cheque at your appointment or I can raise an invoice for you to pay in advance via PayPal.


Is your service confidential?

Confidentially is very important and something I take seriously.  Rarely, if there is a risk of harm to yourself or someone else, I may need to break confidentially, but wherever possible will discuss this with you first.  This will be discussed more fully during our initial appointment.


How do I get to your offices?

Great Northern House is situated on Great Northern Terrace.  Go over the railway line and continue just past Sports Direct which will be on your left hand side.  Great Northern House is situated back from the road, just past Lincoln Diesels.  It is a short walk from the bus station and there is also a car park in front of the building.


What happens when I arrive?

On arrival at Great Northern House press the UP arrow on the keypad, select Counselling Room 7 and press the bell.  I will come down to meet you.  Since I cannot let you in from the office, and I may be with a client, please ensure that you arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.  If someone lets you in, please take a seat and I will come and to meet you.


To Book an appointment
Phone 07734 466079
Email wellbeingcounsellinglincoln@gmail.com