Why Seeking Counselling Takes Strength

Asking for support is not something many of us find easy.

We freely admit going to the GP if we have a physical problem.  So why should going to therapy to care for our emotional wellbeing be different?

The truth is we all face difficulties in life.  Counsellors help people through many everyday problems like stress, anxiety, relationship issues, job changes, as well as many other life transitions – issues we all face.  And we could all benefit from a little extra support now and then.


It Takes Strength to be Vulnerable

Seeking counselling takes a great deal of strength and courage.  To admit that life isn’t perfect, you don’t have all the answers and can’t fix it yourself.  In counselling you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable, being open about difficult thoughts and feelings.


And Take Charge of Your Life

Having counselling means you are recognising there is a problem and are taking responsibility to change things for the better.  Problems don’t always go away on their own, and left unaddressed may become more difficult to deal with.  Counselling is a safe place where you can explore possible ways forward.


Being Empowered

By identifying emotional triggers, we can begin to understand them and give ourselves the chance to do things differently, to learn new ways of coping and responding.  By seeing your situation from a different perspective you can reframe it, learn about yourself and what’s holding you back.


And Taking a Positive Step Forward

Not only can counselling help you to make sense of the confusion, it can bring a clarity of mind and an improved sense of direction.

So, rather than being for the “weak” counselling is actually for those with the:

  • STRENGTH to face what’s going on
  • HONESTY and OPENNESS to share what they are feeling
  • The MOTIVATION to change and risk doing something different
  • The ability to be PATIENT with themselves and the process
  • And the COMMITMENT to attend regulary

Are you ready to take charge of your life?  Contact me for an appointment.

Why Seeking Counselling Takes Strength

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