Counselling spring clean

We may think of spring cleaning in terms of giving the whole house a thorough clean, including the parts we don’t usually do.  But what about our mind? A bit like a mental reboot, talking to a counsellor can be a bit like giving the mind a spring clean.


It de-clutters the mind

Our head sometimes gets full of thoughts and worries which can make us restless.  It’s a bit like emptying the cupboard, getting rid of stuff which is out of date and repacking everything again with a bit more order.


Sometimes we get stuck in our heads

You know the saying “can’t see the wood for the trees?” Sometimes we get stuck in our head, going over the same thing again and again.  We can’t always see the situation clearly for ourselves.  Verbalising our thoughts helps us to see them from a fresh perspective.


Ditch negative thought patterns

Over time we fall into unhelpful ways of thinking and can tie ourselves up in knots by ruminating over them.  By recognising thought distortions, we can challenge, learn to let them go and divert our attention.  Of course, this is easier said than done, it takes time and effort which is where a counsellor can support you.


Develop and improve coping skills

We all have different ways of coping.  Sometimes we find that what we have been doing no longer helps.  A counsellor can help you develop and improve coping skills.  By becoming aware of our inner strengths, we can build upon the skills we already have and learn new ones.

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Why Counselling is Like Spring Cleaning for the Mind

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