Wellbeing Counselling Lincoln understand that deciding to have counselling can be daunting.  Although, acknowledging that you need help is a sign of strength and courage.  All of us experience difficulties from time to time and could benefit from a little extra help.  It’s natural to feel nervous so taking time to chose a counsellor you feel comfortable with is key.

So, what is counselling? Counselling is time and space set aside for you to explore what is on your mind.  It’s a bit like emptying the cupboard.  Sometimes our minds get full of stuff which makes us restless.  And, you know the saying, can’t see the wood for the trees? We often get stuck in our heads, going over the same thing again and again.  A counsellor can help you to verbalise what’s going on so you can see things from a fresh perspective.     

A safe, confidential place where you can be heard without fear of judgement, it can help with a wide range of issues including abuse, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, low self esteem and stress.

Aimed at supporting emotional needs and promoting emotional wellbeing, counselling can help improve the quality of your life


Our counselling approach takes into account that you are a unique individual.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Since no two people have travelled the same path therapy is tailored to suit your individual needs and concerns.

Sometimes we have a vague sense that something isn’t quite right and needs to change.  Counselling may help you make sense of the confusion.  You do not need to be in crisis, in fact counselling can be part of a wellness plan that helps prevent crisis and could improve the quality of your life.

One of the most powerful actions you can take is to understand the role of your thinking and how it can affect your mood. Learning to recognise negative thoughts means we can learn to dispute them and give ourselves a better chance of avoiding depression and anxiety.

The Client-Counsellor Relationship

The relationship between counsellor and client should be one of equals, trusting in the client as the expert on themselves.  You know yourself best and are capable of finding your own answers.  A counsellor’s role is to support you in this journey, providing a safe place where you can explore what is on your mind.  You can be empowered to find your own way forward and discover better ways of coping.

“With the focus on health and feeling better it was reassuring my feelings were validated and acknowledged before ways to start healing were explored. Thank you.”

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